Congratulations for taking responsibility for your own birth! This is such a magical moment in your life and having a Doula means you will have a healthier pregnancy, have a less stressful labour and will feel empowered about your decisions. You will have a better chance for a more relaxed birth, a more confident husband by your side and actualize your dream of a healthy and positive birth experience.

  • 2 prenatal meetings to discuss birth preferences, labour positions, comfort measures, interventions and information on newborn procedures
  • Access to researched articles and videos
  • Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy
  • A list of items to pack in your hospital bag
  • Downloadable birth plan samples
  • Relaxation techniques during labour
  • On-call two weeks before your due date until birth
  • Continuous support during active labour and birth including comfort measures and positioning techniques.
  • Within 2 hours of the time of birth, you’ll receive assistance with your initial breastfeeding attempt
  • 1 postpartum visit to review the birth and provide tips for healing, newborn care and breastfeeding